Gravity [Single] (2010)

by Paper Bags




This is the first official Paper Bags release.

"Gravity" was written, recorded, and mixed in three hours at the Thelmerhouse. Produced by Geoff Hornby & Thelmer

"Anyone Anywhere" recorded in my apartment, The Thelmerhouse, and JoeDrums Studios. Produced by Geoff Hornby.


released December 31, 2010

All songs written by Geoff Hornby

Bob Tomich - drums & bass on "Gravity"; violin on "Anyone Anywhere"

Joe Tortonesi - drums on "Anyone Anywhere"

Cover photo by Geoff Hornby at The Thelmerhouse, Gibralter, MI



all rights reserved


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Paper Bags Wyandotte, Michigan

"I thought it was a bird, but it was just a paper bag..."

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Track Name: Gravity (3-Hour Thelmerhouse Mix)
I'm losing against your gravity
Falling out of orbit into sweet tranquility
Breathe in deeply
As the stars align, I reach out
And find that I'm the only one who's getting closer...

I lied and said I don't mind at all
Keep your secrets
And I won't ask 'cause I don't want to know

Certain stars have slowly burned out
And I don't mind that I'm the only one
Who's getting any closer to the sun
Track Name: Anyone Anywhere
What can I say?
I mean, seriously, how should I take this?
No, don't try to comfort me yet -
I've only met you
And I don't want you to see me like this
It happens to me almost everywhere

The people I adore,
They're not here when I look around
But that don't me that I'm all alone
But only moments ago I'd have never known
That this could've happened to anyone, anywhere

Let the truth come out -
I have no reason to lie to you
But I still have my doubts -
I'm certainly unsure about everything I have ever done, ever done
And I want this to happen
But don't trust myself to decide if you're even there